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Childhood "Type 1" diabetes
Epidemiological (Population) Studies

The protective effects of human milk-derived peptides on the pancreatic islet biology.

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Milk A1 and A2 peptides and diabetes.
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Lower consumption of cow milk protein A1 beta-casein at 2 years of age, rather than consumption among 11- to 14-year-old adolescents, may explain the lower rate of type 1 diabetes in Iceland than in Scandinavia.
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Ischaemic heart disease, Type 1 diabetes, and cow milk A1 beta-casein
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Variation in consumption of cow milk proteins and lower rate of Type 1 diabetes in Iceland versus the other 4 Nordic countries..
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Different beta-casein fractions in Icelandic versus Scandinavian cow's milk may influence diabetogenicity of cow's milk in infancy and explain low rate of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus in Iceland. 
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Type 1 (insulin-dependent) diabetes mellitus and cow milk: casein variant consumption.
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b-casein A1 consumption and incidence of Type 1 Diabetes in Germany. 
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Human Studies

Antibodies to bovine beta-casein in diabetes and other autoimmune diseases.
Monetini L, Cavallo MG, Manfrini S, Stefanini L, Picarelli A, Di Tola M, Petrone A, Bianchi M, La Presa M, Di Giulio C, Baroni MG, Thorpe R, Walker BK, Pozzilli P (2002). Horm Metab Res. 34 (8) 455-9.

Bovine beta-casein antibodies in breast- and bottle-fed infants: their relevance in Type 1 diabetes.
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[The significance of A1 and A2 antibodies against beta-casein in type-1 diabetes mellitus].
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Beta-casein in cow’s milk: A major antigenic determinant for type 1 diabetes?
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Immunosuppressing effects of cow milk beta casomorphin in prediabetic mice and humans
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Animal Studies and Mechanistic Support

The effects of Casomorphin-7 on NOD mouse macrophage oxidation and primary immune response
American Diabetes Association 58th Annual Meeting and Scientific Session, Chicago 1998

The role of ß-casein variants in the induction of insulin-dependent diabetes in the non-obese diabetic mouse and humans.
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